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  • Fire scenario

    Can I reach my goal of Financial Independence?

  • Retirement scenario

    Is my retirement plan on track?

  • College scenario

    Will I be able to educate my children?

  • Inflation scenario

    What does inflation mean to my savings?

  • Complete Flexibility & Control

    We let you geek out and customize things other tools don’t. Whatever your financial goals or assumptions, OnTrajectory is game.

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    Getting started takes just a few minutes. But if you want to go deeper, OnTrajectory supports all the complexity of real life.

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    Our business is making software, not selling financial services. That means no sales calls, no commissions, and no hidden fees.


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Tired of building spreadsheets? This is the whole-life Financial Independence tool you’ve been waiting for.

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  • Enter income, expenses, and accounts into your plan
  • Plan for future changes in your items
  • Track progress against your plan
  • Calculate the ‘Chance of Success’ your plan will be achieved
  • Create an alternate scenario with different assumptions
  • View real-time updates as you make changes
  • Change central assumptions such as Retirement Age or Inflation
  • Access to educational videos and help content
  • Free email support


$8 /month or $80 annually
  • Everything Basic plus...
  • Create unlimited scenarios and compare them on the chart
  • Run Monte Carlo and Historical analysis against your plans
  • Track specific milestones on your chart
  • Complete customization options including how calculations and taxes are applied
  • Optimize how money is withdrawn from specific accounts
  • Get recommendations on how to improve your plan
  • Optimize Expenses so you can figure out the right amount you can spend each month to stay on track
  • Stress test your plan by choosing a market, life or career event
  • Run debt reduction strategies to help figure out the fastest way to financial freedom


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